Detail. Comfort. Craft. Luxury Artisan Creations. Made from Italian Hands, Designed with a Colombian's Passion.

Daniela Uribe Footwear Designs stem from years of curated artistry. They involve the eclectic rhythm of embracing individuality while celebrating unison. Our detail oriented artisans and knowledge meld the world between fashion and function. And we do so by going back to our basics. Our foundations.


By acknowledging the anatomy of the foot, we can create a shoe that crosses the border between nostalgic comfort and bold inspiration. We look at not only the aesthetic but where the design will lay, form, and stand out. We look at how it will support you, fuel you, and inspire you to take the next leap of faith in your life.

The innovations in tomorrow are funneled through a lineage of communication and our factory located in the middle of the Marche region in Fermo, Italy. Handcrafted. Built without pain but with patience, purpose, and value. All of our materials are sourced locally from neighboring provinces to ensure deep care and quality throughout our sole.

We are focus on one stitch at a time. Tested, fine-tuned, molded for perfection and vibrancy. We balance the weight of each shoe and heel, standing by our promise of inclusivity diversity, and supporting all sizes. So much so, that we made the men walk a full mile in our heels to prove their strength.


The designs were pulled from Daniela's Colombian roots and love of the accessories we find throughout life. A pearl necklace, a pair of diamond-encrusted chandelier earrings, and everyday essentials. Our collections are held like time capsules. Each one embracing a new perspective and outlook. We are here to make moves. Join Us.

We look forward to meeting you in stride